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4 years ago

Call Screen option effectively leverages Google Assistant

Image courtesy: @mattmoniz123
Apart from top-notch performance, the super-useful Call Screen option effectively leverages Google Assistant to answer a call for me and provide a live transcription of the conversation. Still, Pixel 3’s battery falls somewhat short and there’s no microSD card slot.
4 years ago

Pixel 3’s camera is frequently praised but performance?

Image courtesy: @tomaszzagorski
Pixel 3’s camera is frequently praised but what about that rock-solid performance? I guess it pays off to own both the hardware and software. Also, as ridiculous as it sounds, I don’t think any phone felt that good in my arms. I really like the grip, super one-hand friendly.
3 years ago

Best Camera on a cell phone

The pixel line of phones have the best cameras available on a cell phone. The pixel 3 is a great phone. The biggest drawback it has is battery life.
4 years ago

Simply the best and affordable too.

Simply a perfect phone with a generous screen size, no bloatware and perfect for anyone that uses Google apps all the time. With an amazing camera too, you get the best pictures.
4 years ago

It's pretty decent, not Incredible though.

I got this phone because I didn't want an iPhone and I figured that having the Google phone would be better than having the Samsung simply because it would just be all the proprietary everything. The phone is good, just not the best I've owned. I'd honestly go back to my S8.