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Samsung S10’s design is nothing exceptional

Samsung S10’s design is nothing exceptional except for the in-screen fingerprint sensor, but it does have a great screen-to-body ration. While the Wireless PowerShare is a great idea, the camera isn’t impressive for the money I'll be expected to shell out.

For downsides, the revamped One UI on Galaxy S10 is lauded

Image courtesy: @mattmoniz123
For all its downsides, the revamped One UI on Galaxy S10 is to be lauded. I find it really simplified the previous version (it’s a custom interface over Android Pie), and makes the one-handed features particularly appealing with a huge phone like this.

Absolutely love this phone. As soon as I saw the first ad

Absolutely love this phone. As soon as I saw the first add I knew I had to have it. It was completely worth the thousand dollars. The camera is stunning quality and the download and play speeds are unbelievable. The graphics on the phone alone make the price worth it.

I came from iPhone to this. S10 plus is amazing

I think the S10 plus is amazing and so far it has really kept all the amazing qualities that I was looking for in a phone. It takes really amazing photos, seems so fast at doing things. I came from iPhone to this. The battery life blows my mind, it lasts a long time.

Perk up

Much faster then my previous Galaxy and the internet is actually quicker but very few other "perks" make a difference.

When I bought the s10 + i had no idea it was a great phone

When I had bought the s10 + i had no idea what a great phone this was the screen to body. Ratio is everything the camera is less intrusive then apple's "notch" i would reccomend this phone for anyone looking for a mobile experience over the iPhone. the pic is from my galaxy I ?it


This phone is both powwrful and capable of most if not all apps on the market. The quality of photos and videos are clear and precise and are easily better than a new iphone. The design and speed help those gamers out there like me enjoy the experience without worries.

One of the best phones

Is one of the fater phone in the market, it's cameras are awesome, it's finger sensor inside the screen is fast and the little notche on the screen begins unnotable as the time pass.

Everything I need to be informed right in my hand!

I had a Galaxy 7 and I have been debating whether or not to spend the money and be on a payment plan again but I made the leap and bought a new phone. So glad I did. It has everything I need in terms of access!


Everything about the phone is awesome except for the loss of certain features due to Verizon.

Absolutely amazing

Great camera awesome audio beautiful picture

Thoughts on the galaxy s10

The device delivers quite an amazing performance and amazing camera quality. The only draw back was the the selfie camera but after a few days use it wasnt bothering me anymore. If you are looking for a bew phone, this is the phone to buy!