everything you want all in one
it is a fast amazing phone with a camera out of this world . i have had 25 apps running and 10 pages in browser at same time and not a single slip up . no bloatware at all
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8 months ago

If you have even a slight budget constraint. GET THIS

The defining feature aside from Oxygen OS out of the box, is the 90Hz display, which, is flipping incredible, and the battery life isn't too too bad either considering the 90hz 1440p resolution. The SoC is also incredibly fast, even with the onset of the SD 855+ and SD 865.?
9 months ago

Great phone imo

I've had this phone since Summer. It's been great! The selfie camera is really cool! I love the warped charger. Super fast! No issues with this phone and ample space! The price isn't horrible but isn't great either. Other then price, I definitely recommend this phone.
1 year ago

Definitely worth the price

I have owned the OnePlus 7 pro for about a month and my honest review is this speed speed speed! It is definitely the fastest phone o wthe pop up selfie camera is a really cool conversation starter and because it gives you the full use of the screen I have to say I love that.