That little extra oomph!
OK, we all know that PS4 is THE best console out there, but if you need that extra OOMPH - PS4 Pro shurely doesn't disappoint! Armed with 4K and HDR your gaming experience will come to new life! That is not all, it also sports boosted hardware specs to keep those FPS up ;)
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great console

to be honest I have not seen a single thing wrong with this console yet I fully support you and urge you to get one

great console all around, but yet still minority flawed

the console is great overall, the visuals look great, the exclusives are amazing, but there are minor things like the lack of CD and 4K blu-ray support, and the long loading times for some OS functions, it's great, but some minor tweaking wouldn't hurt
2 years ago

Ok here goes nothing!

First off the Ps4 pro was no duufferent than the ps4. Thee only difference was the storage space. Other than that waste of money.