Nintendo 3DS XL - Luigi Edition
The 3DS is now dated a bit in competition with the Switch, but it's no less fun, and the games are becoming cheaper to buy. I personally don't use the "3D Mode" but love the bigger screen. I prefer the foldable model over the unfolding 2DS and they all take the same games!
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1 year ago

3DS XL: My favorite handheld

The 3DS XL is easily one on Nintendo’s greatest systems. With the fantastic library of the 3DS plus a large enough screen, there is really no competition. The screen looks nice, and the 3D feature can really add depth to games. The screens and the back are prone to scratches.
2 years ago

Its hard to beat Nintendo

I have had this 3DS since 2012 and it has only recently died because it was left outside (whoops) while I had it, the frame was solid, the screens never fried, and the controls never broke. Overall, a good choice for a younger kid who can't be trusted with something bigger.