Absolutely love this phone. As soon as I saw the first ad
Absolutely love this phone. As soon as I saw the first add I knew I had to have it. It was completely worth the thousand dollars. The camera is stunning quality and the download and play speeds are unbelievable. The graphics on the phone alone make the price worth it.
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Why is the camera so much clearer and better? This is a great upgrade from my Apple X. A great feature of the Samsung s10 is that if face recognition doesn't work, you can always still use your fingerprint as a backup. The HD is so much better than any other phone ive seen. 10/10

Perk up

Much faster then my previous Galaxy and the internet is actually quicker but very few other "perks" make a difference.

Wonderfully Made Phone!

I love my Samsung Galaxy S10+ it has great functionality, nice guality camera that produces great pictures. And I love the fingerprint and face recognition. It works great for my little home business and has all I need to function throughout the day.