Samsung S10’s design is nothing exceptional
Samsung S10’s design is nothing exceptional except for the in-screen fingerprint sensor, but it does have a great screen-to-body ration. While the Wireless PowerShare is a great idea, the camera isn’t impressive for the money I'll be expected to shell out.
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Why is the camera so much clearer and better? This is a great upgrade from my Apple X. A great feature of the Samsung s10 is that if face recognition doesn't work, you can always still use your fingerprint as a backup. The HD is so much better than any other phone ive seen. 10/10

Perk up

Much faster then my previous Galaxy and the internet is actually quicker but very few other "perks" make a difference.

Wonderfully Made Phone!

I love my Samsung Galaxy S10+ it has great functionality, nice guality camera that produces great pictures. And I love the fingerprint and face recognition. It works great for my little home business and has all I need to function throughout the day.