I think that the iOS 12 update is the best thing
Image Courtesy: @mattmoniz123
I think that the iOS 12 update is the best thing that happened to the iPhone X. This phone offers everything: a great camera, a gorgeous screen, and a functioning face ID. The only drawback is that insurance becomes mandatory due to the all-glass body.
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3 years ago

It is a very good phone to have on you

I am a fan of of apple i love their products the phone can be reliable and has a good battery to last during your work
3 years ago

So interesting and I love the updates on the phone!!!

Best camera, awesome animojis, perfect lighting, interesting background wallpapers, and everything on it is like a true definition of your dream phone!!! I would totally recommend this for anyone who wants the same kind of phone as I do!!! 5 stars across the board on this!!!
4 years ago

Get The IPhone X It's A Great Phone

It is a great phone. Couldn't ask for a better phone. I love how the screen is big and I can see things better. And the emojis are awesome. Just love this phone.