Needs Improvement
I have had the Stylo 4 & the Stylo 5 which is the one I am using now. I really like the design of it, the quality of the camera, battery life and all the features with it. The only downfall I find with this phone is you can't send game apps to your SD card
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6 months ago

Not Built to Last

My fiance purchased this phone for me as a gift. I currently had the Stylo 4 and the 3 before that. Needless to say i dropped the phone about 2 feet off my lap and the whole screen shattered. The older versions were built more tough. The new are all about the stylus etc.
7 months ago

When you own an LG Life's good

I've owned LG for about 10 years now all the way back to the LG Metro. I graduated through LG's all the way up to the Stylo 4 I love it with the drawing with the pain capability so much that I'm still owning LG all the way out to the LG Stylo 5.
8 months ago

From a Stylo 2 to a Stylo 5 Upgrade...CheckMate!

From owning a Stylo2 upgrading to a Stylo5, Wow! Great Choice! Great phone for its brand & tons of awesome features! Love This Device & all it does! I don't even want to purchase another smartphone again...unless it's a LG Stylo 2,3,4,5+(All LG Models hold up to it's BRAND Name)