Good Console Overall
This is a pretty great gaming console. The game options are abundant and things like game pass make it even easier to play them. I haven't experienced any lag while gaming or loading other apps. I it a lot for streaming video services. My complaint is no native 4k gaming.
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Great entertainment experience

I have had my Xbox One s for over a year now and it is still going strong. There is no issues, and everything works amazing on it. And because it had a disc drive, you can play older Xbox and Xbox 360 games, as well as DVD's and Blu-ray disk's. A highly recommended buy.

A good console!

A really good console for people who are just getting started into the gaming community! Runs games like Fortnite and Minecraft very well!

Xbox one S,afforadble modern gaming

The xbox one s is truly an awesome console,most people say that the graphics of games aren't as good as the ps4 but I won't remove any stars for has a great service for free games which is only 40 dollars more a year and has tons of premium games 10/10 would recommend.