Great Phone
I love this phone. It has a cool appearance and has a nice way to let u download most if not all apps imaginable
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This phone is both powwrful and capable of most if not all apps on the market. The quality of photos and videos are clear and precise and are easily better than a new iphone. The design and speed help those gamers out there like me enjoy the experience without worries.

The Phone Reimagined

I currently work for Verizon wireless.. I have gotten the chance to physically interact with every device that we receive. The battery life is amazing, the processor is extremely fast for the size of the device. & best of all, it's a FLAT screen, meaning harder to break on impact

S10e review

It has alot of features that separate this from the competition out there, thus also has a very good display one of the best oleds it is also hdr10 certified and has hdr10+ which makes it amazing to look at