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Ever purchased an expensive gadget without reading reviews online? We thought so.

What is Firstup

FirstUp is a first of its kind online platform that lets people write their honest product experiences in just 280 characters. When we first brought forth the concept of FirstUp, the team knew they had some intense research to do about the fundamental problem with online product reviews.

The result? We established a website that puts first the experiences of a user who had their hands on a product and used it for long enough to make an intuitive commentary. FirstUp is the first true antidote to unidirectional and sponsored content propagated by social media influencers.

Our Vision

  • To help people make a wise buying choice every time they read a product experience online.
  • To encourage and publish experiences that are inspired by everyday life of a user.
  • Bring together under the same room, people who’re passionate about smart gadgets and tech revolutions.
  • Move the spotlight from mechanical reviews to real-life, impulsive experiences.


We’re drawing a parallel between sponsored online content you consume in the name of reviews, and giving them our very own twist of creating experiences.

How is an experience different?

We want our users to pick up the device they use, post a picture, and sum up their experience with it, in a tweet-like format of 280 characters. No long sign up procedures and extra information required. We’re obsessed with honest product experiences - something that takes a backseat in promotional content, in like, you know, an unboxing video.

Easter egg: FirstUp has a special partner program for our populace. You can sign up as our partner and we will profile you, your experiences and social media pages - give your online presence that much needed boost.

Or if you’re interested in becoming a social media star, FirstUp is looking for you. We have just the right platform to help you grow your audience base. Want to know more? Keep reading...

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Welcome onboard
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Make it to the top
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Become a social media star
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Wishlist granted
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